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Not only does ServerStadium offer some of the most competitively priced servers in the industry – but we also offer a reseller program that is just as competitive.

For those who plan on having multiple servers with us, or simply want to resell our services, this is the one and only dedicated server reseller program you need to look at.

Regardless if you are reselling our services or plan to have many active services with us, you get to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Extended termination policies
  • Free basic troubleshooting on hardware and network
  • Hardware Replacement available 24/7 free of charge
  • Instant dedicated servers setup within minutes
  • Our own WHMCS Module
However that is not the best part!

Check out these rates:

Tiers Discount Rate Monthly Billed
TIER 0 0% $0 to $249.99
TIER 1 5% $250 to $499.99
TIER 2 10% $500 to $999.99
TIER 3 15% $1000 to $1499.99
TIER 4 20% $1500 to $1999.99
TIER 5 25% $2000 to $3749.99
TIER 6 30% $3750 to $4999.99
TIER 7 35% $5000 to $9999.99
TIER 8 40% $10000+

Please note that upon scaling up to the next tier, existing services registered under lower tiers are not moved to the new tier; older active services prior to the tier change do not change in pricing. Discount rate and monthly billed apply to base server cost only. All resellers and resold services are subject to our standard Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy terms. You are responsible for incorporating our Acceptable Use Policy in with your own.

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